Friday, January 20, 2012

depression, defilement and the return of my not so nice blogs!

Its been a long time. Between now and my last write And I'm proud to report I've experienced 2 seperate events with vaginal penetration, (one paid for) and one that was so coldly calculated by the allure of my morbid and depressive charm. Just don't tell her I was a three hump chump, my excuse was " it didnt feel right", like I have feelings, sociopaths generally don't consider that whole front brain emotional logic thing. The sad part is everything felt great,sadly it only took three throws to get me there, but I still walked out with my dignity, always smooth! At any rate I feel young dumb and full of some bloggy cum, so here I am for the first time in months breaking one off on ya, its been awhile so hopefully I can get this out, smoke a cig and ask the ever so anxiety ridden question, "was it good for you too?". So now that I'm past the whole flashy intro I'm limited and don't neccesarily want to write to fucking much. Reason number one being it's one o'clock eastern standard time my ninjas and I'm typing on my less than expansive samsung qwerty phone keyboard. Low budget these days, no macbook for me, maybe if I keep a job and a lady long enough ill come to strike gold in the apple arena, but I can't really blame you lady's I wouldn't really want to stick arround to long either, especially after reading this shit, whatevs I needs to purge! So I got this nasty case of alcoholism right? Well so I'm told or have been told since I was 18 years of age. And yes I do go to those sappy halfway hopefull podium speach places where people draw inner strength from the stimulating effects of caffeine, nicotine and salvation, a real live fucking revival of the hopeless rodeo! Giddy up motherfuckers! The bottles comin' to cut ya down! I like to make a real sattireical parody of it all but it serves a greater purpose in my life and others, regardless of how sappy and cbs carish poetic it can all get sometimes. Today I really just wanted to burn a spliff, get in a barfight and defile loose what do I do when that happens great aa jesus? Let go and let god, live one day at a time....I suppose, I do love me some simple dimestore wisdom and encouragement. Its all good. Though I didn't get into a barfight, burn a spliff or defile any loose women today, which. Might have been the part I was most displeased with....yet despite everything turned out ok.....I have to be to work in four hours, I can't sleep because drugs will eat me....but shit homes I'm chillin and ensuring a surefire furure of arthritis in my thumbs while pounding away on my samsung qwerty....hopefully that wasn't to discouraging, as always its offensive to those who are unnaquainted with sharing there common human secrecies aloud. Whatevs right? Go in peace my fellow travelers, I assure you scottie will be beaming up those who requested by appointment shortly.