Tuesday, November 15, 2011


they found my body today floating along a deep and winding river. The rapids were treacherous yet lively and placid. The river tossed me about, upstream, downstream, over waterfalls and swiftly past bright green pastures as far as the eye could see. I floated past men who submersed themselves in the rivers purifying waters, in efforts to wash off yesterdays grime. I spoke with the giant willows in a language still yet foreign to me. the river, calm, yet unpredictable, stole downstream at a pace that seemed all to fast. I opened my eyes and gazed high at the scenery scattered about, as if awareness had took precident selfishly in my float for the first time. I started to breathe heavier, i started to sigh deeper and my heart began to grow heavy. No longer did I speak with the trees and float carelesly down the river, i clamorred to my mother for this and for that, as i did, the landscape grew sparse and desolate, green pastures wilted to brown and the true into the false. As my float continued i grew distracted by cities of people and machines that carried them about. these people seemed sad, misdirected and starving for simplicity, i decided to get out of the water and talk to them to see what all the commotion was about, that was the last time i ever saw my body.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

this place is fucked up

There is a sea of people. A sea of people that is shallow and fathomless in nature. we are surrounded by our enemy at every step we take. The media directs, the advertising attracts and the retailers distribute, and the cycle continues. As it does, the land of the sleeping grows in population. This world has departed from the point of perfectional origin it intended to be, no souls, no compassion and an absolute disregard for the important things in life,what are those things? Those things are nothing. You see it's not about values, eating supper with your family and watching football on sundays, its really about nothing, yes nothing. Behind the noise and hideous nature of human society lies the greatest treasure ever, that treasure is emptiness. This emptiness hides in broad daylight but is seen by few, this emptiness is easily attainable yet astonishingly difficult to find. This emptiness bears no definitive characteristics and cannot be seen by the naked eye, yet if one were to divorce himself from his eyesight he is sure to find it like a beacon of truth in the midst of a million lies. It's funny how us humans always have this ever burning desire to transcend our present circumstances, grow as a society and move toward bigger things, this ambitious nature has caused us to blatantly misunderstand the clear and simple nature of the universe. The simple truth of it all is that we are a bunch of assholes who live on a rock and have no clear or definitive answer for why we are here, thats really it in a nutshell, nothing more, nothing less. Unfortunately what branches from this simple misunderstanding is alot of theories based on ignorance, fancied delusional beliefs and an absolute innability to believe that life can be explained in such a simple manner. All these religious and historical figures like jesus, buddha, moses, muhammed and all these other assholes have one thing in common, they all have an explanation for why were all here, how it all started and where were going when we die. These guys a are just a couple run of the mill assholes selling salvation on the corner, that we all took way to seriously, but we all just want an answer, a reason for it all, no matter how far fetched it may be it helps settle my worried stupid little mind about all my questions of why, how and all that other bullshit, a false sense of security. I wonder if anyone has ever considered that there is no answer, no reason, no big bang and no hope for redemption. I wonder if anyone has ever just considered the fact that were just a bunch of stupid assholes walking arround on a rock giving significance to insignificant things all in an effort to help us understand that which is incomprehensible, maybe there just is no answer, and maybe because we have spent so much time trying to seek the unseekable, we have made our already terrible circumstances even worse. Maybe if we would focus on not worrying about what nature is, we could actually enjoy it rather than analyze it and be confused by it.