Saturday, July 30, 2011

we are all assholes

So how do you start this thing? Where is inspiration derived? Should I write a nice little piece of self-help gold for all my so called friends to gaze upon? Or should I write a refreshingly pessimistic piece on how truly scary this world is? Gee! What a conundrum? Last night I shared the company of a friend who suffered from human addiction, he seemed sadly comfortable with his situation. So naturally Like the good superhumanly understandable and compassionate individual that I am, I told him exactly how to handle his problem. Shortly after my touching and uplifting words of advice, I pulled out my cell phone and called my ex-girlfriend (a former human addiction of mine). Of course, I was just calling to say hello and make sure that she was “surviving” without me. Sometimes I wonder if I have hearing loss, intelligence loss or just a total loss of sanity. After my friend expressed feelings of pain this woman had apparently caused him, I seemingly pondered, decided and executed a plan to call my ex-girlfriend. A good old fashion decision based on feelings! Yippee! Hypocritical to boot! We are all assholes. This is a fact. Scientifically proven by Alex’s power train, double gold-star experience warranty. Last night I discovered while chatting with my friend how false everyone is in representation. I am not necessarily outraged or disgusted by this, but accepting. To be the ladder would only objectify this behavior more. It’s funny how much time I spend trying to cover this up in myself. I spend hours sharing groundbreaking and uplifting experience only to practice the contrary in my everyday affairs, not purposely but instinctively. What I fail to understand is that the things I try to run from are not actually so terrible. Sadly enough, they are all to typical. I feel as if we all spent more time humbly admitting and making light of our human failings, we would not spend so much time running, we would be better off. I would not spend so much time protecting castles I build out of fear and insecurity, therefore I would have no need to be defensive, People would not trouble me as much, the world not inconvenience me as it so much does, because a man free of fear has nothing to quarrel about. The only time in our life that we are completely free is at birth, from then on the programming starts. “you must take pride in your work!”, “you must stand up for what you believe in”, “this is how the world ought to be, let me tell you why!” endless suggestions based on a falsified socially structured system, passed down only because, it is the only way we know how. Forward thinking we call it! Producing backward results! Funny how are logic is twisted, huh? Now all of the sudden we turn into super prideful egomaniacs protecting castles and statutes which were falsely put in place long before our arrival. As my friend Tyler Durden once said, “Martha stewart is polishing the brass on the titanic, it’s all going down!” but why jump ship? The water is too dark and murky, I’m not too sure whats out there? OH! The endless awfull possibilities in a world of the unknown! Have we ever stopped to think the unknown might be the real beauty of it all? The movie that you never see because your just too scared it might be bad, turns out it was a cinematic masterpiece, but you will never know, because you can’t live without not being able to control the consequences of your decisions. Why? BECAUSE WE ARE ALL ASSHOLES.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

life and death

Today I realize that my only true purpose is to live, and to die. Obscured by worldly distraction and societal constructs, my true purpose is hidden. In a world of materialism; religion, technology and an outright deficiency to see past our immediate selfish wants, it is easy to be distracted. For instance, I would rather blast my inner ear cavities with loud music, pulsating out of a battery powered super distraction machine than embrace the sound of my true nature, because that would be to unbearable. I would rather sit at work and write a rant about how distracted we are by the true nature of our being because technology and materialism have enslaved us. I would say all this while typing furiously away on a computer. I am a hypocritical, selfish distraction driven machine. Crafted carefully by limitations of a limitlessly limited world, I expand the boundaries of how limited I really I am by shrinking my time spent embracing the real truth. I can do absolutely nothing to escape reality. I cannot run, I cannot hide, I cannot ipod, I cannot computer, I cannot hypocritically rant, I cannot do a damn thing except embrace it. I live my whole life in preparation for death, as a matter of fact the only guarantee is that I will die. In order for an entity (whether it be human or Inhuman) to be deemed dead it first must have life, without life there is no death. And so it is, the only two guarantees that I have in life is that I will live, and that I will die. Life is not really the crapshoot we all make it out to be. In the superficial world we all live in it all seems true, doesn’t it? Will I get this job? Will I have healthcare? Can I pay my mortgage? Will the margin of profit between Exxon and OPEC determine how much of my hard earned money I will shell out to fund wars that give leverage to people controlling corporations, and organizations alike? God it sure seems like a crapshoot, huh? There is little that we actually control in this world, we are cards on a blackjack table, dice rolling on a board and darts thrown with blindfolds on. But even in the arena of chance there are those who can count cards, predict die count probability and use chance to there advantage. Those gifted individuals though few and far between see what most of us do not. It seems as if these folks have the ability to weave between the clutter and distraction and see logic and truth in what most of us would call nonsense. Individuals stripped of confusion, self-motivated and limited objectives see a world which lies beneath the crapshoot of life. This reality, accessible to all but pursued by few gives light through the opaque window which we see reality through. Well most would ask the question (just as I do on a daily basis) where is it? What are you talking about? And also whats different about you and every other asshole who rants about the sad state of the nation, materialism, self bondage etc??? well the truth is I am not any different, and I do not know how to access this underlying world of energy that connects us all. The truth is this metaphysical conundrum of clashing existence of energy and non energy make absolutely no sense in a scientific realm, and do not necessarily need to. The fact is that we LIVE and we DIE those are the only two facts of existence. So if I am alive this means the only thing I would need to worry about is living??? So that means that these other distractions which seem to be the only be all end all aim in life are not real? It is my opinion that the definition of life is: the living existence and conscious presence of an entity or being, showing or having characteristics of life. Weird? So this means that the other THINGS which we experience are only as important and only as real or lively as the connotative meaning that we give them???? the only purpose we have is to LIVE and to DIE. Life can be as lively or lifeless as we want it to be. Unfortunately, as a literal statute we have little control over life and death, but as a perspective it is all we control.