Monday, January 31, 2011

"Suffocating for air"

 It's hard for me to keep up with how many hollow souls I encounter on a daily basis. these souls are bound by the constructs of fear,selfishness and rage, perpetuated by lack of personal satisfaction. if you were to turn around, what would you see? black? blue? yellow? or nothing??? do you even know what your looking for? if your answer is yes, than surely you haven't even scratched the surface. so who are you???  do you have a face?? is it your own?? or is your face easily stolen???? You have a name, right??? symbols characterized by the meaning we give them? "No but it's my name!", I am a collage of colors, spattered together on a canvas,with no characterization of my own. please tell me what colors to paint myself, i can't possibly paint my own picture because that picture would be to ugly for you to see. If you happen to see my true colors, be careful because my soul is highly militarized and you will pay for seeing the truth about who i am. we are all starving, hungry and in the pursuit of truth so let's make it easy on each other and not be scared. So many people in this world are suffocating in pursuit of truth only to find in hindsight all they had to do was breathe.